As a far-gone junkie of DIY crafting, social justice, and all things bookish, I explore a variety of subjects in my writing and take care to bring a personal flair to the table. I have written how-to pieces, features, book reviews, blog posts, and essays exploring crafting, feminism, literature, and other nifty topics for print and web. To make things that much easier for readers, I have an understanding of blogging techniques, like linking and cross referencing, that will make your article stand out on the web.

My recent articles appear on the Feminism and Religion (FAR) blog and in LipSew News, LDS Living, and L (of Lincoln) magazines. My essay "Dirty Girl," a firsthand exploration of Mormon faith and feminism, appears in the book Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religions.

Read My Clips

"The Girl Who Lived: Reflections on Malala, the Middle East, and Feminism" (for the Feminism and Religion blog)

"Lip Lit: Men Explain Things to Me" (for Lip magazine)

"Anne Hutchinson, Sor Juana, and Kate Kelly: Reflections on Equality and Excommunication" (for the Feminism and Religion blog)

Book Review: Nebraska Women in Journalism (for L magazine of Lincoln)

Book Review: Karen Gettert Shoemaker's The Meaning of Names (for L magazine of Lincoln)

Book Review: Bloodline (for L magazine of Lincoln)

Recent Editing & Proofreading Clients

Avalon Travel Publishing

Skyhorse Publishing

DCWV, Inc.

Various indie writers